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Our Story

Harctic is an ode to Finland and its arctic treasures.

Our products have a big heart: they're 100% natural, good for you and contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable planet.

Harctic founder Miska moved abroad from Finland in 2006 and credits his passion for wild berries to his childhood trips to the forest.

Away from Finland, Miska understood the real value of Finnish berries. He couldn't find the same quality elsewhere! The berries from other countries simply didn't taste the same.

The Finnish berries enjoy more sun (think 24 hours of daylight in summer in Lapland!), breath purer air and drink cleaner water.

For each holiday trip back to Finland, Miska made sure to have free space in his luggage to bring dried berries and berry powder back home on his return trip. Then, one day while hiking in the Alps and running out of blueberries, he decided it was time to do something and launched Harctic superfoods.

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